Singapore's Best 24-Hour Massage Parlour

Visiting a 24-hour massage parlour is the best way to unwind after a busy day. The many establishments near Singapore offer convenient late-night services. You can even relax with your friends in a late-night karaoke club! A reputable 24-hour massage parlour in Singapore offers a wide variety of services, including Swedish massage and a variety of body treatments. In addition, you can even enjoy facial treatments and hot and cold pools.


The Rejuvenating Therapy at OD Wellness costs $75, which includes acupressure and foot massage. This type of massage can relieve sore feet and is excellent for tired bodies. You can even schedule an appointment during the weekdays. Moreover, the spa offers off-peak rates for weekdays from 11am to 5pm. The hours are also extended until 1am on weekends. Regardless of when you need a massage, there is a 24-hour massage center in Singapore that will accommodate your schedule.


OD Wellness offers a wide range of massage treatments at competitive prices. Among the best options include the G Business Class massage, which costs $229 per hour, and the Gateway To Vitality massage, which costs $159 per session. The latter is a more relaxing choice if you're short on time. The price may seem high, but it's worth it for the quality of the treatment. It's also convenient for those who don't have enough time to attend traditional spas during the week.


OD Wellness provides massage services at affordable rates. Its Rejuvenating Therapy, which lasts 75 minutes, is a great option for busy professionals. Acupressure and foot massages will relieve tired feet, while a foot reflexology hall is a luxurious and comfortable space to unwind after a long day. OD Wellness also offers off-peak rates on weekdays from 11am to 5pm and late hours until 1am on weekends.


OD Wellness is another great option for a massage in Singapore. This spa is located at the prestigious Selegie and has expanded to three locations. Their prices are reasonable, and they can provide you with an invigorating massage at any time of day. Its hours are convenient for busy professionals and visitors alike. At OD Wellness, you can get a 24-hour massage at night. You can choose from a variety of different styles.


OD Wellness is one of the best places to get a high-quality massage at affordable rates. Their Rejuvenating Therapy, which includes acupressure and foot massage, costs just $75. OD Wellness also has off-peak rates and opens at midnight. It's the perfect spot for a night out after a long day at work. Whether you want to relax with a Thai massage or a deep tissue oil massage, a soothing and rejuvenating massage is just a click away.

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